Early May pictures

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We have now added work-shares to our Farm Membership options!

Chickadee Creek Farm is a certified organic and certified transitional* vegetable, flower and herb farm. In 2010 we began diversifying our three-generation family farm and making the move to organic. Chickadee Creek Farm, run by Jess Niederer, is part of the larger Niederer Farm. Jess is a thirteenth-generation farmer and the one in the family who wants to keep their boots on the ground.

The 80-acre family farm is on Titus Mill Road in Pennington, NJ. Jess and her crew grow on 17 of those acres, with 8 of them devoted to vegetables. The goal of Chickadee Creek is three-pronged; make a sustainable living off of the family farm, supply our community with healthy and flavorful food, and do all of this as efficiently as possible to keep costs down and to keep life enjoyable for farmers and for our customers.

We grow a number of vegetable varieties chosen for flavor and suitability to our climate, running the range from zucchini, striped heirloom tomatoes, spicy radishes, and atomically hot peppers to sweet lettuces, delicious melons, and the prettiest flowers you’ve ever seen.

*“Transitional organic” means that some of our farmland is in the midst of the three-year process of becoming certified organic, and all of our practices are inspected by and follow the rules of the National Organic Program. July of 2012 was our certification month for Jess’s first five acres. As she takes over the family land bit by bit, the new ground is called “transitional” until the three year waiting period is over.

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