In addition to all of the vegetables growing at Chickadee Creek Farm, we also grow more than 20 varieties of annual and perennial organic flowers. We offer mixed-flower country style bouquets at each of our farmers markets from late June through mid October.

We also offer our flowers and design services for weddings and special events from June through early October. Our flowers are all field-grown on our farm, so our designs have a wild and natural aesthetic. Every event is different and we are happy to work with our customers’ individual needs for each event.  We try to book no more than one wedding per month so that we can be sure each event gets our full attention and so that our fields can be replenished in between larger events. For DIY’ers, we can provide buckets of blooms to be put together at home.

For a list of what’s blooming right now, for a list of commonly requested prices, or to inquire about event flowers, please e-mail It is recommended to start discussions about event flowers at least three months in advance.