Memberships: CSA

Our CSA began in 2010 with ten members, and as of 2021 has grown to 750 members. We have an open enrollment for applicants.

You can read about the workings of our Market-style Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) program below. To purchase a membership, use the link below to download an application and mail in a check. Hard copy forms are also available at all of our markets.

Pay by check:  Market CSA Membership Form 
Pay by credit card: at the Chickadee Creek Farm Square Store  please note there is a 3% surcharge for credit card payment

RETURNING MEMBERS: if your contact information is staying the same, you can simply send in a check or use the Square store without filling out the form.  Our mailing address is: PO Box 358, Pennington, NJ 08534. Scroll down to remind yourself of the different levels of membership.

Our CSA is a Market-style CSA, where members begin a debit account with the farm and pick-up their produce at our farmers market tents using their account credit. This style allows maximum flexibility in choosing the “whats” and the “whens” of your share of produce, fruits and flowers.

The way it works:
• There are four account sizes to choose from:

$250  ( 8%  BONUS -Your season will start with $270 in your account)

$300  (10% BONUS -Your season will start with $330 in your account)

$350  (12% BONUS -Your season will start with $392 in your account)

$400  (14% BONUS -Your season will start with $456 in your account)

New share option: $100 Trial-size shares for New Members! If you’ve been thinking about our Farm Membership but haven’t tried it, this is the time to jump on it. This is not a level that a share can be renewed at.

• Each week you can choose the quantities and types of vegetables and flowers from what is available at the market stand. You also choose when to use your account; you could spend it all at once, or spread it out through the season.
• Your vegetables, flowers and herbs are available to you year-round at the Chickadee Creek Farm market stand or for pick up at the farm(pre-ordered only). Please look at the “where we sell” page of our website to see the locations and hours of the six farmers markets we attend. Online ordering-ahead is also open to CSA members.


• Choose only the vegetables or flowers that you will use. This means easy planning to prepare food for picky eaters, and no food waste from vegetables unpopular with your family.
Unused  account credit rolls into the next calendar year–so no need to worry about a balance at the end of the year.
• Weekly Farmers Market social experience- music, local organization demos, and your neighbors will all be there!
• No customer commitment to picking up produce each week – shop in accordance with your schedule.
• No need to bring cash – you already have an account!
• You can replenish your account balance at any time
•On-farm, Members-only pick-your-own of strawberries, blackberries, flowers, cherry tomatoes and herbs.
•Farm tours and farm community potlucks

Work Shares

We offer a limited number of work-share positions. These are farm jobs that let you work for your food! To learn more and apply, read on!


We asked our members for feedback and this is what they had to say:

“Chickadee Creek is an absolutely wonderful CSA. First and foremost, the produce is delicious, organic, and tended to by people who love what they do. Paying “up-front” makes me feel like a bandit when I pick up my veggies! I love that I get the produce I want, that I’m not locked into an every week pick -up, and that any remaining money rolls-over for the next season. Just join!”

“Chickadee Creek Farm is the perfect source for high-quality organic produce. There is a continuous variety of products available throughout the growing season and they have made it convenient by operating in many local farm markets. The Chickadee Creek Farm CSA program is the best that I have seen – each member chooses what to buy and when to buy it while enjoying the benefits of CSA membership including a nice discount, farm tours and pick-your own opportunities.”

“I love the flexibility of the farm share and being able to choose when I want to pick up my share, and what I want my share to contain. The quality of the produce is fantastic and you really feel like the staff love what they do and love to help people access responsible farming and good food. Can’t wait for next year :)”

“I love my Chickadee Creek CSA! I’ve belonged to other CSA’s and the way this one is managed is by far the best. There are no unwanted vegetables. You “buy” only what you want/need. The farm staff is very helpful and if you are a foodie like me and love to cook you can have great discussions about how to use various ingredients. I also love the fact the farm is owned by a woman. GO LADY FARMERS!!!”

“Join just for the ginger and raspberries! But also the carrots, arugula, kohlrabi, and KALE! The convenience of the market-CSA is fantastic — no rushing to make a workday pick up work. Just a relaxed Saturday morning meandering around the farmers market. And fresh local vegetable into December!!! Thank you!”

“Chickadee Creek Farm provides excellent quality produce. We are a family that eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, even our 1 year old, and it is wonderful to be able to feed her produce from the farm that we know is great tasting and healthy for her growing body. Our fridge will continue to be filled weekly with items form Chickadee Creek Farm.”

“I like that we can select what we want and have our discounted debit account. It was a great idea, sets your CSA above others – that and, of course, the amazing produce!! I look forward to CCF markets every week. Jess and her farm family are always a pleasure and it is a gift to witness the passion these folks have for producing from the land. CCF is a golden example of what this generation of farming should be and I feel privileged to have been a customer from the early start. Thanks, folks!!”

“The quality and variety of foods offered by Chickadee Creek Farm is amazing. As a shareholder in another farm years ago, offerings were limited – at times, making it difficult to find things that we were interested in. It was also wonderful to have choices in terms of days and pick up opportunities at Rosedale Mills once the Farmers’ Market ended. And….. everyone was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable whenever I had a question. Will happily participate as a shareholder in the upcoming year. Thanks, Chickadee Creek!”

“Chickadee Creek farm works perfectly for me – I can order or choose the produce items that I know I can use so I do not waste anything. The produce is delicious and healthy, and if I have questions about preparation, I can get great information and recipes from the friendly farmers there. The weekly newsletter is informative and interesting and a reliable source of what produce is available that week. I am SO happy with my membership and excited about having a nearly year-round source of fresh, healthy produce!”

“We have been a member of a couple different CSAs since we moved to NJ. We find Chickadee Creek’s CSA program to be the most flexible and accessible of the CSAs in the area. We also find Jess and her employees to be friendly and helpful when purchasing vegetables. They are always willing to share ideas for preparation, and recipes.”