Pick-Your-Own updates

Instructions: must read!

Pick your own at Chickadee Creek is for Farm Members only, and only for those with a positive balance. If there is ever a discrepancy in limit/pricing information between this updates page and the paper quantities at the u-pick station on the farm, whichever quantity works in your favor is the one you may go with.

7/18/2019 update:

Picking is at the farm entrance next to the mailbox for 62 Titus Mill Rd. The field entrance right off the road pulls into a gated deer fence- park just inside the fence. There is a u-pick supplies cabinet there with instructions, maps, bags and picking measuring containers.


Blackberries 4 pints $3/pint

Raspberries 1 pint $4/pint

Zinnia 30 stems $0.25/stem

Elderberries 3 berry clusters $1/cluster

After picking, check out at the self-serve u-pick station.  No cash required–simply record the cash value of what you picked next to your name.  Bring your own bags, but use our containers for picking.

Pick-your-own on our farm is for our CSA Members only, though many of the pick-your-own crops will also be offered at the Farmers’ Markets. Members receive a weekly email with instructions and pricing.