Pick-Your-Own updates

7/26/2020 update:

We are OPEN each day for U-pick AT THE LOCATION ACROSS FROM 62 Titus Mill Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534. 

U-Pick is for Farm Members only. You have to read the instructions below, particularly regarding COVID. Use our web form to log your harvest here

Current crop availability:

Cherry Tomatoes: pick deep orange or deep pink colors

Limit 3 pint per day, $2.50/pint


Sauce Tomatoes: pick all the way red

Limit 3 quarts per day, $3/quart


Zinnias: Remember to bring your own clippers and water! Cut deep to promote longer stems in the coming months

Limit 20 stems per week, $2.50/five stems

Blackberries: done for the season

Instructions: must read!

Pick your own at Chickadee Creek is for Farm Members only, is open to all ages at the side of the farm near address number 62. If there is ever a discrepancy in limit/pricing information between this updates page and the paper quantities at the u-pick station on the farm, whichever quantity works in your favor is the one you may go with.

There are CRITICAL RULES to follow for picking this year. If we hear that the picking environment is not pandemic safe, we will have to close the picking.

1) Bring your own containers or use plastic bags- we will not be providing containers this year, so please look-up what a pint and a quart size are before you come!
2) Distancing: keep 6′ away from your fellow pickers. That means 2 rows away!
3) Masks: Have a mask with you and use it if you are within 25′ of another person. Yes, this is outdoors, but others have the right to expect safe behavior. As we know, the masks protect others, not ourselves.
5) Picking is open from 8am to 5 pm…or really, earlier or later if the gate is still open OR if you’re willing to open and close it yourself!!!
6) If you need to wash hands/use bathroom, you can come up to 80 Titus Mill Rd to use port-a-john and farm hydrant and soap

No cash required. After picking, log your harvest here–or simply record the cash value of what you picked next to your name at the checkout station.  Gloves will be provided for touching the pen.

Pick-your-own on our farm is for our CSA Members only, though many of the pick-your-own crops will also be offered at the Farmers’ Markets. Members receive a weekly email with instructions and pricing.