Pick-Your-Own updates


Closed for the season, opening again in June 2023!

Who? Pre-paid farm members only(except Wednesdays from 3-6 when the farmstand is open).

Where? 63 Titus Mill Rd., Pennington NJ 08534

When? Daily when in season from 8am to 5pm (you can go earlier or later if you are a good good farm citizen who will open and close the deer fence gate behind you)

What? Crops and limits are posted here and at the u-pick tent. The update will be more reliable on this webpage.

How? Read below please

Limit update  7/18/22:

Blackberries: Two 3/4 quart baskets (at table), $6 each. The three rows furthest from the parking area are ripe now.

Cherry Tomatoes: Two 3/4 quart baskets (at table), $5 each

Okra: Two 3/4 quarts baskets (at table), $4 each

Specialty Basil: $1/ branch. No limit

Zinnias: 30 stems, 25 cents/stem


Our u-pick is seasonally available for farm members to pick strawberries, blackberries, cherry tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, flowers, specialty basil, okra, and sugar snap peas. Pick-your-own on our farm is for our pre-paid Farm Members only, though many of the pick-your-own crops will also be offered at the Farmers’ Markets. Members receive a weekly email with instructions and pricing.

Like our other crops for Farm Members, u-pick selections get debit out from your account, and for u-pick, you log the debit yourself at this link.

If there is ever a discrepancy in limit/pricing information between this updates page and the paper quantities at the u-pick station on the farm, whichever quantity works in your favor is the one you may go with.

The entrance to the u-pick field at #63 Titus Mill Rd. Park inside the entrance on the woodchipped area