Pick-Your-Own updates


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Our u-pick is seasonally available for farm members to pick strawberries, blackberries, cherry tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, flowers and sugar snap peas. Pick-your-own on our farm is for our CSA Members only, though many of the pick-your-own crops will also be offered at the Farmers’ Markets. Members receive a weekly email with instructions and pricing.

Instructions: must read!

Picking is from our farm entrance that is right next to 62 Titus Mill Rd, but on the other side of the street from that residential address. You will pull into a deer-fenced field, and parking and the u-pick area is immediately in front of you. There is a picture of the entrance at the bottom of this page.

Picking is open from 8am to 5pm every day. It is ok to pick earlier than 8 and later than 5, but you may have to open AND CLOSE(please!) the deer fence yourself past 5pm. If you need to wash hands/use bathroom, you can come up to the farm yard at 80 Titus Mill Rd to use the port-a-john and farm hydrant and soap

8/24/21 Picking limits/update: Please be aware that we have not been very successful in keeping up with the weeds in the u-pick this August! Long pants and close-toed shoes are recommended.

Blackberries: 2 half-pints per membership, $3 per half pint. Tip: They are the sweetest when the berries are fully black, plump, and slip easily off the vine.

Roma tomatoes: 2 qts/membership, $3/qt

Cherry tomatoes: 5 pints/membership, $2.5 per pint.

Ground Cherries: 3 half pint per membership, $2 each. Tip: They are ready when they have fallen to the ground and the husk is papery brown while the fruit inside is golden yellow

Zinnias: 10 stems per membership, 50 cents/stem. BYO clippers! Tip: cut low (long stems) to encourage the plants to keep growing long stems)

Picking is open only to CSA Members, and is entirely self-serve. Like our other crops, u-pick selections get debit out from your account, and for u-pick, you log the debit yourself at this link

If there is ever a discrepancy in limit/pricing information between this updates page and the paper quantities at the u-pick station on the farm, whichever quantity works in your favor is the one you may go with.