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Now interviewing for 2023 positions

Field crew: one full time April-end of November positions, with year-round hours available for interested candidates

 Full-time staff is expected to work approx 50 hours per week(five days) which may include one day at a Farmers’ Market. Tasks will include weeding with hand tools or by hand, harvesting by hand, crop care including trellising and pruning, transplanting with a waterwheel tractor drawn transplanter, direct seeding, thinning and potting up on the greenhouse, washing and packing vegetables, and care of high tunnel crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. It is important to be a physical condition that allows for working while kneeling, lifting 50 pounds, and working outdoors in the heat/cold/rain.

Those who remain with the farm past the first season will have opportunity to have increased roles in management and planning with pay raises based on demonstrated ability. Past crew have gone on to be assistant farm managers, farm managers, small business owners, and farm business owners, or remain on as important members of our managing team.

April-June we work from 8am-5pm, and July-September 7am-5pm, then back to 8am-5pm Oct-Nov. Most tasks are difficult to end right at 5pm, but we do an exceptional job at tracking very close to that. We have a one hour lunch break. There is a dependable flow to our work weeks, with the same sorts of tasks happening on the same days week to week. We spend the most time harvesting, the next most time weeding/planting and trellising high tunnel crops.

Requirements: interest in vegetable farming, stamina, able to work kneeling with no back health issues, and the ability to regularly lift 50 lbs. Priority given to those with at least 1 year vegetable growing experience or other outdoor work experience in a fast paced environment. Enthusiasm, passion, can-do spirit, and proven ability to tough-it-out can substituted for that experience. Applicants must be in good health, fit, and be great learners. Excellent customers service skills are a plus if you are interested in working a farmers market with us.

To apply, please send an email to stating your interest along with your resume and the contact information for two references.

Educational Opportunities: Chickadee Creek is entering its 14th successful season in 2023. The farm is always improving, with constant upgrades in infrastructure, equipment, and methods – an exciting and fast paced place to learn. Chickadee Creek founding farmer, Jess Niederer, was the recipient of the 2016 NJ Outstanding Young Farmer of the year award as well as the 2016 National Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year award. The pace set on the farm is intense. Farm crew are involved in every aspect of the growing season in a hardworking, yet educational, environment. This region on Central NJ has a rich sustainable agriculture community. We are friends and neighbors with multiple farms with intern programs, and welcome the exchange of information, experience, and farm tours with our neighbors. One farm tour per month is available during the work day without taking vacation time to attend. We actively participate in NJ CRAFT (Creating a Regional Alliance for Farmer Training). Jess is the NOFA-NJ facilitator of the New England Small Farm Institute class named Exploring the small farm dream. This class guides potential farmers through pre-enterprise planning. One-on-one guidance through the curriculum is offered as part of the apprenticeship. We usually do this with the whole crew in the fall after work hours.

Perks: Crew are welcome to what we grow and can purchase our value added products(tomato sauce, salsa) at cost.

Pay: Hourly pay begins at $14.50/hr for the lower experience end. All employees are eligible for a 401K plan with a 4% match. There is one week paid leave. Profit sharing bonuses add a significant bump to total wage paid- see below for details. In 2021 the lowest full time hourly equivalent was over $16.50/hr with bonuses We pay very competitively. Applicants with higher level experience begin at higher rates. Mid-year and year-end profit sharing is calculated via a transparent merit and tenure based system with peer evaluations. Profit sharing is based on the gross sales of the farm.

Housing: Not offered

Preferred method of Contact: Email

Work shares!

To work for your food, please check out our work share farm membership program.


If you would like to volunteer please send an email to Jess at Past volunteers have helped seed in the greenhouse, weed, harvest, and helped at Farmers’ Markets.

Tatiana (2014, 2015 crew) on the IH 656
Bridget (2014, 2015) praising Tillie the farm dog for her groundhog hunting prowess
Meg (2014)on the left and Olivia(2014) on the right trying to use fennel to lure bad pig back into pen. While we don’t raise pigs anymore, Olivia and Meg are both still farming, in charge of their own ventures!
Kimmy of the 2013 crew. Find her rocking the Montgomery Farmer's Market, just like she is doing here
Kimmy of the 2013 crew. Find her rocking the Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturdays, just like she’s doing here. Kimmy went on to start her own Clifford Family Farm before switching careers to work with the USDA’s Farm Service Agency
Alice of the 2013 Crew.
Monica of the 2013-14 and 17-19 Crew. Monica has started Midsummer Flowers LLC
Mike Price of the 2013 Crew. Mike started his own farm; Mike’s Blueberries!
From 2012, Exie the Dog, Helen, and Beverly. Helen now owns and runs Lake Divide Farm in MI and Bev owns and runs Turnip the Beets farm in VA
Jaime from 2011. Jaime now owns and crafts at Chatterblossom, a vintage accessories business
The extremely camera shy Jennie from 2011. Jennie went on to farm manage and then in 2014 started her own Enkari Farm in NY
Part-time intern Ben from 2011
Kevin. Always on the farm when the going gets tough. He helped with markets, emergencies and other odd jobs with his expansive skill set. Kev and Jess got married in 2018.