Work With Us


If you are interested in an apprenticeship with Chickadee Creek, please check out our 2017 internship posting on the ATTRA website. This is the place where many small-scale sustainable farms post apprenticeship/internship opportunities.

Work shares!

To work for your food, please check out our work share farm membership program.


If you would like to volunteer please send an email to Jess at Past volunteers have helped seed in the greenhouse, weed, harvest, and helped at Farmers’ Markets.

Tatiana (2014, 2015 crew) on the IH 656
Bridget (2014, 2015) praising Tillie the farm dog for her groundhog hunting prowess
Meg (2014)on the left and Olivia(2014) on the right trying to use fennel to lure bad pig back into pen


Kimmy of the 2013 crew. Find her rocking the Montgomery Farmer's Market, just like she is doing here
Kimmy of the 2013 crew. Find her rocking the Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturdays, just like she’s doing here. Kimmy went on to manage the farm 90 Acres at Nadirar
Alice of the 2013 Crew. She’s running the Princeton Farmers Market on Thursdays. Alice is now in a Landscape Architecture program at Cornell
Monica of the 2013 and 2014 Crew. Find her at the Rutgers Gardens Market on Fridays. Monica began a Food Corp position for the 2014/15 school year
Mike Price of the 2013 Crew. He can be found at the Stangl Market on Saturdays. Mike is starting his own organic blueberry farm
From 2012, Exie the Dog, Helen, and Beverly. Helen now owns and runs Whistling Wolf Farm in Pittstown NJ ans Bev owns and runs Turnip the Beets farm in VA
Jaime from 2011. Jaime now owns and crafts at Chatterblossom, a vintage accessories business
The extremely camera shy Jennie from 2011. Jennie went on to farm manage and then in 2014 started her own Upstream Farm
Part-time intern Ben from 2011
Kevin. On the farm when the going gets tough.